About Doshisha Law School

From the Dean

“One, each person is important. Every person is precious. ”
Value each person, Foster strong-willed lawyers

“One, each person is important. Every person is precious.”
These are the words of wisdom from Joseph Hardy Neesima, the founder of Doshisha University.
This motto is also embraced entirely as the principle of Doshisha Law School today.What can we do to value each student? We have been considering and making every effort earnestly to value our students.
We adopt small-class based on the degree of achievement, we encourage each student to practice as many legal writings as possible, we give attentive advises to the each document, we enable our students to receive direct instruction from many senior lawyers and legal practitioners acting at the forefront. These above are simply because we aim to value each student who enters our school.
Moreover, we have been putting value on studying from international point of view, as the business of lawyers are becoming more and more global. Our unique overseas programs ―especially, the practical study tour to Europe at many law institutes representing Europe, graduate degree programs and credit exchange system by agreements with American law schools, internship programs at law firms in Europe and America―have been gaining extremely high reputation. Furthermore, we offer many continued opportunities which are available not only to our current students but also to graduates, such as practical study programs and support services by our employment support team.

We believe that the infinite future is open for those who study at Doshisha Law School.
We sincerely hope you will chose to learn with us and fly out to the world in the future as excellent legal professionals, spreading your wings as much as you like.

Arinobu Ohnaka
Professor of Law
Doshisha Law School
Taro Sogo