About Doshisha Law School

Kyouiku_suishin Program

Our goal–training legal professionals who have an international outlook, good judgment, and who seek to examine and bring public focus to international legal issues

In order to bring public focus to international legal issues, we have organized a series of open lectures as well as international seminars and symposia on a variety of subjects. Our open lecture series has followed two general themes: "legal issues for a global community" and "Japanese law as seen from outside Japan". The latter theme in particular attempts to define the characteristics of Japan's law, and show where the country is located in the global legal arena.

Our international seminars provide an opportunity for leading researchers and judicial practitioners from around the world to speak on any issues related to the international implications of Japanese laws, as well as foreign laws, enabling participants to develop a more international outlook. Since this project began in the autumn of 2004, over 60 international seminars and symposia have been held at Doshisha Law School, providing both students and the general public with the opportunity to study foreign laws and international legal affairs, at little or no cost, all at a venue conveniently located near central Kyoto.

Another key element of our goal has been in our efforts to develop a Practical Training Course in International Affairs (provisional title). We have also been adding courses on international laws and foreign laws. In some of the classes, we have been experimenting with simultaneous and interactive exchanges with overseas universities via the Internet. We have also instituted fieldwork programs such as the American Law (American Law in Action) in Guam and internships at overseas law firms. We also have plans for summer schools and other joint programs with partner universities. For the benefit of our faculty and students, as well as the researchers and research students who visit our law school from around the world, we have been collecting documents on Japanese law in foreign languages, a list of which is posted on our website. We have opened several of our courses to the local practitioner community as part of our effort to participate in continuing legal education.

Internationalist education is a founding philosophy of Doshisha Law School. It is my sincere hope that this handbook will help you to understand what we are doing in order to implement this philosophy. We appreciate your generous support.

Mitsunori Fukada
Project Leader
Professor of Law
Doshisha Law School
Mitsunori Fukada